Biling policy

We adopt the same entrepreneurial approach in our billing policy as in our legal services. Our billing policy is guided by the principles of cost-effectiveness of our services and transparency.

In most cases, fees are based on time actually spent. The hourly rate of our team depends on experience and nature and complexity of legal services.

Our fee proposals are custom-tailored to each case (time-based, flat-rate, capped fees, partial contingency fees etc.).

Prior to provision of legal services, our billing policy is formally agreed upon with our clients.

Fees are invoiced on a monthly basis, with detail of services provided.

A regular report on each case is carried out in order to improve predictability of possible developments and related billing.

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Any dispute relating to our fees should be raised with the partner in charge of the case, in an attempt to resolve it amicably. Pursuant to articles L612-1 seq. of the French consumer code, a client, acting as a consumer, is entitled to refer, free of charge, any dispute, relating to our fees, to the mediator designated by the French Conseil National des Barreaux, at the following address: CNB, Médiateur à la consommation, 180 boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris (
In the event either party refuses the mediator’s proposal in accordance with article R152-4 of the French consumer code, relevant dispute shall be submitted to the Bâtonnier (representative) of the Paris Bar, pursuant to articles 174 seq. of the French Décret of November 27, 1991.

Temporary secondment

In case of punctual, urgent or planned needs, our lawyers may be temporarily seconded to provide legal services to a client facing a need for additional human legal resources or a specific legal need. In concertation with the client, we assign the lawyer, with the most appropriate experience and flexibility.

  • Support and assistance to management and operational teams
  • Appointment as external Data Protection Officer
  • Auditing and optimizing contracts (rationalization of transport and logistics umbrella contracts, auditing and reviewing compliance of subcontracts with the GDPR, implementation of compliance processes etc.)
  • Claims management
  • Knowledge management: staff awareness to legal risks arising from their operational activities, establishment of rules of conduct and internal rules etc.

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