"As lawyer, I swear that I will perform my duties with dignity, conscience, independence, probity and humanity."

Beyond their legal know-how, Leno Avocats’ lawyers perform their duties with professional and economic efficiency and ethics, thereby embracing the values of their oath.

Combining responsiveness, availability and excellence, Leno Avocats’ lawyers focus on an entrepreneurial, pragmatic, proactive and flexible approach.

Leno Avocats’ lawyers serve their clients’ interests by reconciling legal constraints and the clients’ operational, business and strategic objectives. Their shared competence and high value-added experience give them a sophisticated and efficient understanding of their clients’ challenges, supported by real technical capacity.

Our human-size and our dedication foster our ready availability and the building of a close relationship with our clients. Our lawyers share the same determination in the defense of our clients’ interests and provide creative and innovative solutions to anticipate and address their needs. Combining personal commitment and synergy with in-depth knowledge of regulations and of our clients’ environment, our lawyers take pride in being reliable business partners.

Our lawyers engage in continuous dialogue with our clients’ legal and operational teams. Taking into account their geographical, administrative and political constraints, we serve their interests with empathy sensitivity and pragmatism and provide custom-tailored solutions, in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Our lawyers have lived in multicultural and bilingual environments and worked or studied in foreign countries. Their daily working languages are French and English. We also work closely with an international network of reliable professionals, which enables us to counsel and represent our clients within international transactions and multi-jurisdiction litigation.

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